Art and Live Music Shows at Warehouse 102

The most important aspect of our music and performance is to give an exciting and meaningful experience to the ears, eyes, hearts and minds of our fans and listeners.  It is for this reason that we host a bi-monthly night of art and live music at our 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse rehearsal and studio space in Historic Filipino Town.  We always invite a special guest band or performer to showcase their live music along with that of my own band.  With a state of the art digital sound board and PA system, and a fully monitored performance space setup, we can make bands sound at their best.   We have been honored and fortunate to host such amazing acts as The Polar Quest, Oyls, Neonderthal, The Lost Marauders, Bad in Bed, Caroline Cotter and Abby &The Myth.  

Being a huge lover of art, each live music show is accompanied by the artwork or photography of a visual artist and a video artist.  We have been honored to showcase the artwork of Gianni Arone, Talia Steinhardt, Morgan Greene, Jennifer Christine Iverson, and Sydney Moffat.  We have also featured the photography of Trevor Brightman and the video work of acclaimed stop-motion animator Sam Barnett and Louis Morton.  We have also had incredible live visuals performed by Cord Jackman.  

See our Shows page for information on upcoming shows at Warehouse 102.  For information about performing or showing at the next Warehouse 102 party, please send us a note!